Plant for the Planet – Camp in September, 2019

Plant for the Planet – Camp in September, 2019

From 23rd, September, 2019 to 26th, September, 2019, SK Innovation had a trip to Tra Vinh province to participate in mangrove reforestation in Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district and visit My Long Nam primary school in My Long Nam commune, Cau Ngang district.

The camp is one of activities of the project “Plant for the planet – Phase 5”, funded by SK Innovation, implemented by Korea Association for UN Environment and the Center for Environment and Community Assets Development (CECAD).

Before planting, a small seminar was organized to introduce volunteers from SK Innovation the importance of planting mangroves and how to plant Avicennia alba in the intertidal area.

For one day long, all volunteers together with local community and Tra Vinh university students planted 1 hectare of Avicennia alba in Dong Hai inter-tidal area. This planting activity not only helped to cover 1 hectare of mangroves in Dong Hai commune but to connect Korea volunteers with local community and university students.

On the third day of the trip, SK Innovation volunteers had a meaningful visit to a crab pond and planting site in My Long Nam commune, where 8 hectares of mangroves, under the sponsor of SK Innovation, had been planted last year. For the first time, they learned how local people raised crab under mangroves forests, how mangroves ensured livelihoods of farmers who were living in and benefited from mangroves surrounding them.

On the same day, the volunteers also visited My Long Nam primary school and played with primary students. All students were very interested in painting with Korean guests when they were freely to show their creativity and happy to receive presents from visitors.

The activity has encouraged connection between people and mangroves, and connection between SK employees and local community who was protecting mangroves not only for their lives but also for environment and lives of people all over the world.