In the framework of the program “Plant for the Planet 2019”, the project activities continue to be carried out under the implementation of project staff from CECAD and the support of local authorities.

In the second week of July, CECAD staff had a field trip to Tra Vinh province to continue the project activities. During the first two days of the trip, CECAD staff visited the planting area located at Subdivision 7, Zone 23, Plot 18b of Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.

Planting area at Subdivision7, Zone 23, Plot 18b of Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province

The project staff, together with the support of the Forest Protection Unit of Duyen Hai district and employees from Dong Hung Phat Forestry and Environment Co., Ltd. participated in planting and monitoring the completing of 3ha of Avicennia alba according to the first plan. At the same time, CECAD and the company also completed the Final Acceptance Report (Step 1) for 3ha.

CECAD staff and local people plant trees
3ha of Avicennia alba was completedly planted

Besides that, the project staff also visited the area of Avicennia alba’s seedling nursery located at the offshore mudflats by the transportation of small boat.

Seedling nursery area of Avicennia alba

The next day, CECAD staff organized the environmental education activity for the local community living near the mangrove forest area of Phuoc Thien village. The education program had the participation and enthusiastic response of more than 50 people of both men and women of all ages. The content of the program consists of two main parts: The first part is the sharing of CECAD staff about the current status of the environment in Tra Vinh, the values ​​of mangrove forests to the natural as well as the economic life of the local people and solutions to increase the area of ​​mangrove forests in response to climate change.

Environmental education activity was held at Phuoc Thien village

The second part is the discussion between the officials of the Communal People’s Committee and the Forest Protection Unit and local people as well as the Q&A part at the end of the program in order to summarize the knowledge that people had acquired. During the program, people were very excited to participate because this activity was also considered as a good chance to have communication between local authorities and community.

Discussion between the representative of the Forest Protection Unit and local people
Q&A part at the end of the education activity

On the last day of the field trip, CECAD staff had a meeting with the representative of Dong Hai B  primary school to present and create the draft plan for the environmental education activities for students after the summer vacation. Two parties agreed that the activities will be divided into two phases following the project plan. The first phase will include activities of CECAD staff supporting teachers in building lecture, teaching students about the values of mangrove forests and how to protect it, and organizing a field trip in a Reserve zone located in Giong Gieng village, Dan Thanh commune, Duyen Hai district. The second phase will include activities of organizing, marking and awarding the drawing contest on mangrove forest protection.