Training on caring and protecting orchids

Training on caring and protecting orchids

On 30 May, 2016, the training on caring and protecting orchid was organized at the headquarter of People Committee of Tu Do commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province. This activity is under the project “Conservation of Orchids through Research and ex situ Conservation Measures in Ngo Luong Nature Reserve, Vietnam”.

The workshop was attended by Mr. Hieu Nguyen Quang – an expert from the center for Plant Conservation, the representatives of Tu Do People Committee leaders, village leaders, the representatives of forest protection unit of the commune and members of the orchid-planting group.

In the training, participants were introduced about orchid species, especially some rare species in the Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong Nature Reserve, the value of orchids and the orchids’ ideal living conditions.  Some rare species that are in danger of extinction and need to be protected living in the Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong Nature Reserve are: Dendrobium primulinum Lindl., Den. Superbum Reich. in Walp, Alaenopsis manii, Rhy and Paphiopedilum. Named as the queen of flowers and known as a flower of natural origin, one of the most beautiful, rare, and delicate emblems, orchids have aesthetic value, so they are highly suitable for family and event displays. According to the expert, orchids are one of the largest families of flowering plants, and the most suitable living and growing habitat for orchids is in the wild, in tropical climates. If you plant indoors, special care is required.

An important part of the training is the ways to treat and propagate orchids. By Hieu’s instruction, members in orchid group gain knowledge on planting and propagating orchids. Orchids that are grown and propagated in the garden will be an alternative source for local people, so they do not need to exploit orchids in the Natural Reserve anymore.

In the same day, participants visited the garden where orchids would be propagated, planted and cared. The garden had favorable climatic conditions for orchid development.