On March 13th, CECAD had a meeting with the Management Board of Tra Vinh’s Forest Protection Agency to get the agreement on the plantation process as well as the care and protection plans, including:

  • The new planting site which has the total area of 16.5 ha is located in Dong Cao ward, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, while the main day of planting event is held on March 27th.
  • The mangrove tree for this planting time is Avicennia alba with the total number of 1000 seedlings and the expected planting area for the whole project will be 3 ha.
Meeting with the local People’s Committee and Forest Protection Unit

Based on the Bidding Law, other related documents, as well as the advice from Mo Phu Xanh Co., Ltd., the contractor has had working experience in supplying, tending and protecting mangrove trees with the sponsors since 2018, CECAD and the Forest Protection Agency agreed to select Dong Hung Phat Forestry and Environment Co., Ltd. as the new contractor to implement the project in 2019. The reforestation contract between CECAD and the company was signed on March 15th ad 19th, 2019 corresponding to two planting plans of 3ha and 22ha of Avicennia alba.

The visit of Korean and Vietnamese groups to Tra Vinh province

On March 26th, a group of 33 Korean visitors from SK Innovation and UNEP Korea and 12 Vietnamese guests from PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP) arrived at Tra Vinh province for the preparation of the planting event.

Korean and Vietnamese guest group in the planting event

On the series of events dated on March 27th, a group of twelve students from Tra Vinh University also participated in the event to support the planting activities as well as the charity day at Dong Hai B primary school.

The plantation activities

On the next day, March 27th, the main event of planting activities took place at Dong Cao ward, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district in the morning with the participation of 33 Korean guests, 12 PVEP guests, 12 students from Tra Vinh University and 20 local people living around the planting site. As a result, 1000 seedlings of mangrove trees – Avicennia alba were planted, and the signboard of the project was installed at the planting site.

The guest group plants trees

In the afternoon of the same day, the Korean group continued to visit Dong Hai B primary school and gave many presents to students. With the support of CECAD staff and Tra Vinh University students, the guests explained to the children about their planting activities in the morning and gave them a short speech about the value of mangrove forests.

The visit of Korean group to Dong Hai B primary school

After that, 70 students received presents, including stationery, confectionery and toys prepared from Korea and they also played some small games with Korean guests. Both the students and Korean visitors had a great time playing and talking to each other, while all the students were very grateful for the presents that the Koreans gave them.

Korean guests give presents to students
Korean guests play games with students