Organic Vegetable Production Training

Organic Vegetable Production Training

At Tu Ne and Thanh Hoi Communes, people began growing vegetables about 5 years ago. Many households have started to grow larger quantities from small pieces of land around their houses and in the field during the winter when planting rice is limited. They usually sell vegetables to meet a small portion of their demand. Among them, some households realized that incomes from growing vegetables is higher than growing rice even though they work harder.

In 2013, CECAD supported 27 households to attend technical training on safe vegetable production. However, it was difficult to control and determine the quality of vegetables, so the price was not high. To meet aspirations of vegetable growers of two communes, in 2014, CECAD supported farmers to participate in trainings on organic vegetable growing and applied Participatory Guarantee System as a test.

On 29 June, 2014, 28 households in 6 villages under 2 Tu Ne and Thanh Hoi communes joined the lecture on:

-Techniques in organic vegetable planting and production

– Pest management in organic vegetable production

– The concept of organic fertilizers and way of composting

– Techniques in isolation fences.

– Techniques in intensive farming and some organic vegetable planting.

According to the plan, immediately after the training, households were divided into groups and practiced at 3 villages: Chua village, Sung village and Tam village. People practiced according to following steps:

1.  Composting from manure and agricultural waste:  straw, leaves , grass, etc.

2. Selecting the design of vegetable gardens, creating isolation fence.

3. Preparing land, seeding

4. Planting, caring, and controlling pest

5. Harvesting

6. Operating Participatory Guarantee System: keeping garden dairies and books of cross inspection.

Trong Hiep

CECAD office at Tu Ne